Frequently Asked Questions

Why was FX Intelligence created?

  • FX Intelligence was established in 2009 to help FX Traders identify profitable trading opportunities. We’ve since upgraded our website to be the #1 information provider to both FX Traders and FX Brokers.

What is the spread?

  • The spread is the difference between the bid and ask price of a currency pair. It is the effective cost a trader pays to execute a round-trip currency trade (plus any applicable commissions). In this example, the USD/CAD bid price is 1.05998 and the ask price is 1.06029. The difference between them, the spread, is equal to 3.1 pips.

FX Intelligence spread image

  • In order to profit from the trade, USD/CAD must move at least 3.1 pips in your favor before you close the position. Thus, the lower the average spreads, the better the trading conditions usually are for a trader. Why is it so important? Lower spreads result in lower trading costs, which leads to a more profitable trading environment. By tracking the average spread over time among multiple brokers, a trader can determine which broker is suitable to minimize costs and maximize profits.

Are the data feeds from live accounts or demo accounts?

  • It is our policy to display only live account feeds indicative of the actual trading conditions available to each broker’s clients.

Can you add a specific broker or feature to the analyser?

  • We are constantly forming new partnerships with forex brokers & portals. Please check out our Advertise With Us webpage for more details.

How does FX Intelligence make money?

  • We make money from the broker listings on our homepage, custom spread analyser widgets, and banner / page advertisements. Most of this money is re-invested into providing free quality information for the FX community.

How often do you send invoices?

  • We bill on a quarterly basis in advance for all advertisements.

Why do we ask for information?

  • Our team is dedicated to hosting the most recent information on our website for FX Traders and FX Brokers alike, but the internet is a large place. We need your help, the community of FX Traders and FX Brokers, to provide us with new and up-to-date information. Please email us: update (at) fxintel (dot) com with any new information. Your support and feedback is what makes our website awesome. Thanks!