Legal Documents

The purpose of this webpage is to assist new Forex Brokers who are trying to start their business but don’t yet have all of the company documents that they need. We’re providing them here, free of charge, simply because we think it’s a cool idea.

Instructions: To re-format these documents to use them for your Forex Broker, simply use the “CTRL+F” function and replace the word “BROKER” with the name of your broker, replace “COUNTRY” with the country in which your company is incorporated, edit the date, and print & sign your name if necessary.

Download the template documents from these links:

Articles of Association

Professional Reference Letter

Privacy Policy

Nominee Agreement

AML & KYC Policies

We greatly appreciate your feedback, please let us know if there’s a common company¬†document that you would like us to add. If you have any documents you would like to donate, please¬†email them to us: update (at) fxintel (dot) com